Books and Magazines

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We work with UK indie publishers and distributors to help high quality mountain literature thrive. So here's our bookshelf. Books we love; books that caught our eye; books that inspired us or just a good read. We are constantly re-ordering and mixing up the selection so keep checking back.

The Boardman Tasker prize is an annual award that recognises the best in great mountain writing whether its fiction, non-fiction, drama or poetry. Here are some winners and those shortlisted over recent years. If you are looking for something new to read then this is a good place to start.

Indie Magazines

Specialist magazines from around the world. These are the mags that feature great photography, are as good to touch as they are to see and always have well written articles of adventure and the love of wild places.

Our staff picks of great reads. Books we love, books we share and books find inspiring. Some old, some new and all worth tucking into your pack to while away the quiet hours.

Rich with expertise and skills. 'How To' Guides share knowledge that help you develop your own skills and experience.

Books of a slightly more practical nature. They are here to educate, inform, inspire and also entertain.

Map reading and micro navigation skills are some of the most vital and rewarding to call on for time spent in our wild places. Find OS Explorer and Harvey Maps essential for navigating UK National Parks.