Sleeping Mats

Sleeping Mats

Our sleeping mats for camping provide superior insulation and comfort when camping, backpacking and bikepacking. They're perfect for people who enjoy all-round comfort away from home. We've got inflatable sleeping mats, self-inflating sleeping mats, luxurious camping mattresses and simple foam sleeping mats. Our 3 year Alpine Bond means you can sleep soundly... Read more


Lightweight, inflatable camping pillow for multi-day hikes and overnight stays
Bundle price £13.99

Foam sleeping mats

Foam sleeping mats are the bread and butter of the sleeping mat world. They're lightweight and generally cheaper than their inflatable and self-inflating cousins and are great when used as an extra layer beneath a more substantial sleeping mat. They also can't go pop in the night. However, they can be uncomfortable on hard ground, they don't pack as small and they're not as insulating as other sleeping mat types.

We've got Napster, a classic foam roll sleeping mat in our range but don't think that foam mats have to be low technology. EZ Sleeper is the ultimate foam sleeping mat with space age insulation, a folding design and a durable construction.

Inflatable sleeping mats

Inflatable sleeping mats are the most packable and portable sleeping mats. As they rely on air to give their comfort, they can be packed down small and are also really lightweight. They also give comfort on pretty much any surface as the air within them smooths out the bumps and roots and other things that want to poke you in the back in the night. However, they don't insulate all that well as air can circulate in their chambers and we've all experienced that sinking feeling if you're unfortunate enough to puncture one.

Our best-selling sleeping mat is Cloud Base, a lightweight and comfortable inflatable sleeping mat. It's thicker, burlier brother (no offense!) is Numo and we've got Dumo too which features a built-in foam pump that makes inflating it a breeze.

Self-inflating sleeping mats

Self-inflating sleeping mats have plenty of benefits and take the best bits of foam sleeping mats and inflatable sleeping mats and combine them together. They're more comfortable than foam mats and insulate better than inflatable mats. However, they're a bit heavier than foam sleeping mats and don't pack down as small as inflatable mats.

We've got a range of self-inflating sleeping mats to suit all styles of camper. From lightweight, space-saving sleeping mats like the torso length Airo 120 all the way up to Dozer and Double Dozer: luxurious, 5-star comfort, self-inflating camping mattresses that mean you won't miss your bed when you're away from home.

All our sleeping mats are guaranteed with our 3 year Alpine Bond.

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