New and updated titanium - Jan 2015

By Col

So you think you've got everything you need, but have you really? Well we have just taken delivery of some new items of titanium, plus updates to some of our old favourites to help get your 2015 adventures underway with a nice shiny boost.


These two titanium products were just too nice for us not to add into our range, but we've got them in very limited numbers so we may not have them available at all times. If you want to show these off sooner rather than later then don't hang about.Firstly we have the Ketul, a sleek and attractive lightweight camping kettle that will increase you enjoyment of making that early morning brew.Styled around the traditional Chinese kettle it's bound to get the looks whilst sat around your favorite bivvy spot.

Ketul with the titanium Koro stove.

Following the Ketul is the Phlask titanium water bottle. This is not an insulated flask, but a lightweight and good looking drinks vessel. Ok so you can have your plastic one and for sure we love our Swigbottle, but if you want to give your fave person something extra special then make it a good one. Be warned though, once you've seen it then you may end up keeping it for yourself!

Final new edition is Kelvin, our double walled 450ml insulated titanium mug. Whilst it is not to be used on the stove, it will help keep those drinks warmer longer. It also comes with a drinking lid, so you can drink on the go!


We've had these products in our range a while now and so we felt it was time to update some to make them more functional.

Tikes. Our much loved titanium peg has had a major overhaul. We worked closely with the factory to design our own bespoke Tike that improves holding power and gives added flexibility depending on ground conditions.A guide slot halfway down the peg can be used to secure your guy line and reduce leverage on the peg for those occasions when you cannot get it all the way in. This design is currently exclusive to us and you wontfind a titanium v-peg like it. Available in two sizes of width.

Lhfoon. Hopefully making reaching the bottom of deep pots even more of a pleasure. Compared to our previous Lhfoon it now has a larger bowl to make it much better for more liquid based meals, but still retaining the benefits of a spork and the angled head to reach parts other cutlery doesn't.

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