After years of mastering the perfect cup of tea, our Design Team have put hours into creating the perfect mug to drink it from.

How to make a banging cup of tea:

  1. Pop your teabag in your enamel mug and prepare your biscuit selection.

  2. Get your water on the boil (at altitude, you may have to make do with just-below-boiling-point water).

  3. Pour your boiling water in the mug.

  4. Leave it to brew for as long as required, giving the tea leaves time to fully express themselves. This is often down to preference, we’ll leave you to navigate the finer details.

  5. Take out your teabag, put it in the compost and pour your milk in.

  6. Take a big long sluuuuurrrppppp.

  7. Enjoy your tea with as many biscuits as required (we recommend chocolate hobnobs).


Key Features

  • Handle for dingle-dangling off rucksacks and seatpacks
  • Specially engineered mug rim for a satisfying slurrrrrrp
  • Large diameter for maximum dunkability (biscuit sizes may vary)
  • Clatters happily around your camping box for years
  • Accumulated residue of old tea and soup sold separately
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond
Care & Environmental Advice

Product Care Information

Clean stains with warm water and a teaspoon of baking soda. Not dishwasher safe.