Snapwire Cutlery Set

No one needs ultralight titanium folding cutlery. But it sure makes your packing easier! Nook? Yep, it'll fit there. Cranny? Absolutely.

The Snapwire Cutlery set includes the Snapwire Fork, Knife and Spoon. Weighing just 46g in total, it squeezes easily into the tops of cooking pots and the smallest of pockets.

Titanium is as light as aluminium and as strong as steel, making it an ideal material for camping cookwear. The titanium wire handle saves unnecessary weight but is still easy to hold.



Key Features

  • Titanium is as strong as steel and light as aluminium
  • Folding wire handles for easy packing and saving weight
  • Allows you to eat breakfast, lunch AND dinner
  • Will allow you to walk/pedal/paddle marginally faster...
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Weight: 13g
Length closed: 9cm
Length open: 16cm
Width: 2.8cm


Weight: 15g
Length closed: 10.5cm
Length open: 18cm
Width: 2.2cm


Weight: 18g
Length closed: 9.4cm
Length open: 15.5cm
Width: 4.2cm

Origin: China