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independent quarterly MTB magazine focussing on the wilder side of mountain bike culture

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If you can’t get through to Alpkit HQ, it’s probably because we’re all sat poring over Sender magazine at our desks

Exploring the creative and progressive elements within mountain biking, unfolding the stories that all too often go untold, and inspiring others to get out there and get rad on their bikes.

Well, that’s what their website says anyway – but we agree!

‘It’s proper good!’ – AK Photographer Matt


Vital stats

Issue 1 features:

Josh Bryceland, Dan Atherton, Kyle Jameson, Connor Fearon, Luca Shaw, Ethan Nell, Joe Barnes, Olly Wilkins, Neko Mulally, Sam and Joe Flanagan, The Dusty Huckers, Ajay Jones, Josh Lewis, Max Nerurarkar, Nikki Whiles, Shaun Bevan, and last, but not least, Chris Porter with Brendan Fairclough on the cover.

Issue 2 features:

Brendan Fairclough, Jill Kintner, Baxter Maiwald, Jackson Davies, Curtis Robinson, Miranda Miller, Chris Kovarik, Finn Isles, Charlie Hatton, Matty Miles, Sam Hill, Ryan 'R-Dog' Howard, Kaos Seagrave, Andrew Neethling, Matt Hunter, Dylan Dunkerton, Evan 'Inty' Young, Allan Cooke, Garret Mechem, and last, but not least, Tommy Wilkinson.

Origin: United Kingdom