Lotic Wetsuit [Womens] Repaired Seconds
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Lotic Wetsuit [Womens] Repaired Seconds

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If you like your wetsuit to be high spec and emphatically effective but you are none to fussed about cosmetic perfectionism, then refurbished Lotics are an absolute bargain for you!

These wetsuits have been returned to us unused and have had small nicks or tears to the neoprene. We have repaired these with Stormsure Neoprene Queen so they are back to perfect functioning standard. As they are no longer ‘brand new quality’, they are available for a fraction of the cost of a new Lotic.

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See the Lotic in action in Katie Tunn's Mountain Short film. Here's the trailer:

Katie Tunn Trailer from Alpkit on Vimeo.

Full spec for the Lotic can be found on the main Lotic Wetsuit [W] page.

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