Skiing kit list

Skiing kit list

By Alice Peyredieu

It's always tricky knowing what to pack for your ski trip, especially keeping the weight of your luggage under your limit.Here is a little list of top tips and gear advice about what to take on your ski holiday.

Ski stuff

  • Ski jacket
  • Trousers
  • Helmet
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • And if you have them, boots, skis and/or board!

Heroic hint #1 Save weight and wear your ski jacket on the plane and if you can get your salopettes in your hand luggage you’ll save a bit of room and weight in your hold bag. A friend of mine recently saved on hold luggage by getting all of their clothes for the week into their ski bag and still somehow managed to be under their weight limit. It can be done!

Heroic hint #2Stash delicate things like your goggles inside your helmet and pad it out with your gloves so they are well protected.

If you are on the market for a new ski jacket, our heavy-weight waterproof, the Definition, might be worth a glance (especially the green one!)It's perfect for skiing.

Mid layers

I would take two fleeces with you; a thicky and a thinny. Then if it's really chilly you can wear them both, and a base layer! I took the Laika away on my ski trip this year as my thinny and it was perfect; stretchy and warm!

Base layers

I usually take a few different thermal tops and bottoms. I take more tops as they get smelly with all the hardcore skiing you’ll be doing. Our merino Kepler base layers will keep you smelling sweet for a while longer as merino naturally fights odours. A neck warmer is also very useful, especially on the chilly days. Have a look at our merino Kepler Draught Excluder and if you don’t fancy merino our normal Draught Excluder.

Take lots of pairs of ski socks and normal socks, as well as lots of undies! If you are taking your own boots, try to get as many as you can stuffed inside to save on space.


Holiday-sized toiletries are always good, again saving on weight, it all adds up! You can buy all this stuff in theresort but it will be expensive, so check out our Squij bottles to take your own fave gels and wash stuff.

Lip balm is a very good idea. The cold air and sun is not kind to skin.

It's definitely handy to have some paracetamol and ibuprofen for the days after you've gone a bit too hard on the apres ski! Plasters are also a good idea and a bit of pain relief gel in case you get sore ski boot legs.

Casual clothes

You're going to need less normal clothes than your average holiday as you will be in your ski gear most of the day. So pack light and take only what you will definitely need.Take your best check shirt!

Don’t forget your swimmers! Most resorts have pretty good swimming pools and spas which are always good for tired legs. Or if your chalet is posh enough you’ll have a hot tub!

And lastly, don’t forget your beanie!

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