Farmers For A Week

Farmers For A Week

By Talyn Williams>

Fresh milk collected from the cows to go in your brew alongsideeggs scavenged from the chicken coop that morning; not much better than a hearty farmers breakfast that you've gone out to collect yourself.

Far from the nearest farm with more smog than fresh air are the children of Flora Gardens Primary School in London, where milk and eggs come from a shelf in the supermarket and cows, chicken and pigs are pictures in books. Believe it or not, many of our city based children don't get the opportunity to visit farms, experience the animals for themselves and the hard work that goes in to getting the produce on to the shop floor.

Farms for City Childrenis a charity who offer these kinds of kidsfrom inner-city, urban areas to live and help out on a working farm for a whole week. Based in truly rural locations, the children work together on all sorts of activities, from collecting eggs and getting stuck in with the animals, to making campfires and exploring the countryside.

This kind of experience at a young agecan provide a vital introduction to the outdoors and bringa greater understaning of the hard work that goes into producing our great British produce. That's why when Janette from Flora Gardens Primary School reached out to ask for help in getting their pupils to Nethercott Farm, we were pleased to be able to help.

Janette told us how important the project is for the school,

"Over 50% of our pupils are subject to pupil premium and have high levels of deprevation. Many have not been outside of London nor have they ever visited a working farm. The pupils will milk cows, collect eggs, feed and clean out pigs, pick fruit and vegetable, build campfires and dens as well as hike through the countryside."

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