Supporting volunteer police cadets

Supporting volunteer police cadets

By Col>

The Volunteer Police Cadets (VPC) is a uniformed voluntary youth organisation, supported by the MPS open to young people aged 10 - 19 from across London’s diverse communities. One of the main parts of the programme is the Dof E Award Scheme. This really enables innner city young people to experience the great outdoors and improve their self esteem.

Steuart from the Camden volunteer police cadets feels strongly about what being able to take part in these schemes brings to the community. "When they arrive at Cadets they have a very low opinion of them selves and very low self confidence. We have recently managed to get out first group through their Bronze award and the difference that this has made to their confidence and self belief is remarkable."

There's no funding in place from the metropolitan police for this kind of support and so needs to be found through subs, donations and other sources. A grant from the AK Foundation has gone towards helping subsidise the cost of equipment to ensure that more disadvantaged young people from Camden can get out and experience the great outdoors.

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