Bents Green Specialist Secondary School

Bents Green Specialist Secondary School

By Alpkit>

The Alpkit Foundation is pleased to support Bents Green Specialist Secondary School in Sheffield. Bents Green provides education to young people aged 11 - 19 with Autistic Spectrum Conditions, Communication and Interaction difficulties. The school would like to provide outdoor climbing opportunities for 24 of its students. It is hoped this will enhance their social, emotional and personal development alongside confidence and self-esteem.

Matthew from Bents Green tells us why the project is happening. “We are doing the project as many of our students have not and will not have the opportunity to experience rock climbing. Students with disabilities do not get the same opportunities as mainstream students and there seems to be a fear factor around any type of adventurous activity. Activities such as rock climbing have a multitude of benefits that do not exist in a regular classroom setting.”

Although they are highly supportive of such activities, the school is unable to financially support the purchase of equipment for additional opportunities. The Alpkit Foundation will therefore support the purchase of the equipment needed for the project.

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