You've Got An Idea

By alpjim

Quite a few outdoor companies explicitly state to not send ideas to them. We too often get offered product ideas and advice which we welcome with open arms but more often than not it is a re-invention of an existing product. We advise that you seek profession advice if your looking to generate an income from your idea, many think they'll make their fortune from their design. The amount of people who actually achieve this is minute. However many people are just keen to share and see their idea in the public domain and we would like to think we are still small enough to help with this.
So if you have an idea or a design you think would fit within the Alpkit brand, first get some advice. If your still committed to sending it us we'll take a look but the likelihood of it making it to production is extremely slim. We will treat all ideas with a degree of confidentiality but we shall not be liable should we develop a similar product in the future or any disclosure concerning your submission.

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