Project is HUGE. We can’t emphasise enough how huge it is.

  • 15cm foam sandwich cushions highball falls
  • Hinge fold is easy to store and prolongs the life of your foam
  • UK-made 1100 denier Cordura shell

At 15cm thick with over 2 square metres of landing area, Project is one of the fattest, most substantial foam bouldering pads on the market - ideal for highballing.

Project is made from 3 layers of foam. The 11cm open cell core absorbs the impact of your fall, with 2cm closed cell on the top and bottom to distribute weight across the landing space and protect against rocks underneath. Project closes using a hinge fold, which prolongs the life of your foam and makes it easier to store.

The foam lives in an abrasion resistant 1100 denier Cordura shell, sewn and bar-tacked by Dom and the gang in our UK factory.

We fall off things a lot, so we make crash pads that can take a lot of falls. Our foam is crosslinked – a process which bonds molecules in the foam that would not usually link together to make it much stronger and reduce break down from repeated compressions. This makes our foam more shock absorbent and durable than other foams on the market.


Key Features

  • Massive bouldering pad, ideal for highballing, for excellent protection that you can comfortably carry.
  • 2 square metres of landing zone for optimal ground coverage
  • Designed and manufactured in our UK factory (just next door to HQ).
  • 3 layer ‘sandwich’ construction: open cell foam for shock absorption sandwiched between 2 layers of closed cell foam for distributing your weight.
  • Secure 3 tension hook and strap closure.
  • Squared-off corners stop you from getting gaps in your multi-pad landing zone.
  • 25 (cover) / 3 (foam) Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Outer: 1100d Cordura, DWR coating
Core layer foam: 110mm HLB22 polyether open cell foam; density: 19 – 23kg/m3
Top and bottom layer foam: 20mm closed cell cross-linked polyethylene foam; density: 25 kg/m3
Hardware: aluminium tension buckles, YKK zips


Weight: 10.2kg
Open size: 127 x 160 x 15cm
Closed size: 127 x 80 x 30cm

Carry system

Shoulder straps and simple waist belt (Note: The Project now uses a stitched in carry system, rather than removable velcro straps)

Sustainability & Care

Product Care Information

Looking After Your Foam
Always store your pad flat to prolong the life of your foam and ensure it continues to lie flat when you're using it. All our foam is protected by a 3 year Alpine Bond. If you do want to replace your foam, you can buy new foam directly from us.

Cleaning Your Mat
To clean your bouldering pad, brush off excess dirt, wipe down with a damp sponge then leave to dry. Our bouldering mat covers are made to endure and are protected by a 25 year Alpine Bond.


Reducing Fabric Wastage
Our bouldering mat panels are cut to keep fabric waste to the absolute minimum. We also recycle as much scrap fabric as we can into brand new products.

UKC Review the New Range of Bouldering Pads

Whilst the debate between taco vs. hinge is undoubtedly a personal one, the Origin tends to be the pad we reach for first as we think it's the best all-rounder.

Author: Rob Greenwood Read More: here

Project in action