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    Gas Support

    Canister stand

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    Three-legged folding gas canister stand to provide stability when cooking on uneven ground
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    Even gas canisters need a bit of support sometimes – just a helping hand to stay steady on their feet while a boiling cauldron of water wobbles threateningly above them.

    The Gas Support, well... it supports the gas canister for your stove. 3 extendable legs provide additional stability for stoves on uneven ground - particularly useful for taller integrated systems. There are notches to accommodate the wee 100g canisters and the larger diameter 227/230g and 450g ones. The legs fold neatly into the body to make it easier to pack into your cooking pots. Never lose a potential cup of tea again.


    Key Features

    • Notches to accommodate most 100g, 227/230g and 450g canisters
    • Three stabilising legs fold neatly away for packing
    • 3 Year Alpine Bond

    Vital stats


    Weight: 31g
    Width: 94mm

    Origin: China