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    Camping stove igniter


    Electric sparker that lights your camping stove with the click of a button. Long tube to save you from burnt fingers

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      You can’t start a fire without a spark. Which means your camping stove is pretty useless without one!

      But you haven’t gotta stay hungry, or be just about starvin' tonight. The Piezo lights your camping stove with just the push of a button. The spark, generated by piezoelectricity, provides a source of ignition that won’t run out, even when you’re slap-bang in the middle of nowhere.

      The long igniter tube protects the internal element – a part that’s susceptible to damage on in-built igniters. And by keeping your fingers further away, it saves you from the usual stove-based Hokey Cokey that accompanies using a lighter (in, out, in, “AAARGH MY FINGERS!”, shake it all about).


      Key Features

      • Creates a spark to light your camping stove with the push of a button
      • Reusable ignition that doesn’t require a fuel/energy source
      • Lighter tube protects the element from damage for durability
      • Tube will collect a small amount of gas for a smoother ignition
      • Compatible with all gas canister stoves (apart from radiant burners)
      • Springsteen lyrics optional, but highly recommended
      • 3 Year Alpine Bond

      Vital stats


      Ceramic, ABS Thermoplastic, Stainless Steel


      82.9mm x 34.3mm



      Origin: China