MytiPot 900

Titanium camp mug


900 ml titanium cooking pot for soloists with large appetites or a pair wanting to cut the grams and save pack space.

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MytiPot 900 Titanium camp mug


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Is it a large pot for one or a small pot for two? Whichever side of the fence you sit on you are on the right one!

Our customers told us they wanted a smaller more durable cooking pot and we agreed. This 900 ml pot is now the defacto standard for soloists with large appetites or a pair wanting to cut the grams and save pack space. Optimised to be slim in profile but still wide enough to fit a gas cylinder and stir up a hearty meal for two.

Drop it in your bike luggage, stuff it down the side of your rucksack or stow it away under a hatch and commit to enjoying the simplicity of cooking one pot wonders.

Why Titanium?

Titanium is one of the most abundant elements on earth. Lightweight and very very strong. It is super inert - this is a benefit environmentally as it is recyclable plus its resistance to corrosion means it doesn't pollute air, land and oceans. But it also makes for superb cookware as there's no metallic taste.


Key Features

  • Large base for greater heat transfer
  • Collapsable lightweight wired loop handle can be used with gloved hands
  • Brushed titanium TA1
  • Flat base for easy cleaning
  • 0.4 mm titanium
  • Titanium lid
  • Curled lip rim is fully compatible with our hanging Chainset

Vital stats


Weight: 94 g Height: 9.2 cm External diameter: 12.3 cm Internal diameter: 11.5 cm Internal depth: 9.1 cm Volume: 900 ml


Weight: 26 g

Origin: China


Who said minimalism can’t be affordable?

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MytiPot 900 in action