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Alpkit and EverTrek are on a mission that benefits outdoor enthusiasts worldwide!. We're delighted to give friends and members of EverTrek an exclusive 10% saving to help plan future adventure treks.

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EverTrek Partnership Page

Discover the thrill of outdoor exploration with Alpkit and EverTrek! Our mission is to empower adventurers like you to embrace nature, conquer trails, and experience the great outdoors. Whether you’re trekking through rugged mountains or exploring serene forests, we've got you covered.


Voted UK's top trekking company. Why? We make your dream adventure a reality!

Ever daydreamed about strolling through Kathmandu's Thamel district? Or taking those first steps towards Everest Base Camp? We live and breathe these adventures!

More trek-seekers choose us for their Everest Base Camp journey than any other company. That's expertise talking!

Our trips? The perfect mix of challenge, exploration, and secret local spots off the Google map.

Now that's a proper adventure! Visit EverTrek

Helpful Yeti's

We pride ourselves on providing you with world class customer service and why you shouldn't you! After all, these are life-changing, bucket list trips we're talking about.

Whether it's chatting through your trip options before you hit the 'book' button or want help with training, vaccinations or which boots to buy on the run up to your trip - our helpful Adventure Experts like Sophie, Vicky, Dave or Jody are on hand to supply all the information you need for a successful, worry-free and epic trip.

You could even join us on one of our Tuesday Tune-In LIVE Q & A's each week over on Facebook where we answer all of your top trekking questions. Or listen-in to our Mountain Malarkey podcast for a whole host of information and interesting topics available right now!