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Equipment Gifts

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Gourdon 25L

25-litre roll-top waterproof dry bag backpack with no fuss
Was £39.99
  • Panther Black
  • Mountain Brown
  • Storm Grey

Stem Cell / Regular / Panther Black

Stem-mounted bag: UK made, weatherproof, 1.8L or 3L
Was £39.99
  • Panther Black
  • Mountain Brown
  • Storm Grey

Fuel Pod

Top tube bag: UK made, weatherproof, available in 3 sizes
Was £34.99

BruKit Coffee Press

Converts your Brukit into a lightweight camping cafetière
Was £12.99

Slack Kit

Complete slackline with everything you need to get you started
Was £44.99


Lightweight friction fire lighter for quick and easy fire lighting
Was £9.99
  • Panther Black
  • Mountain Brown
  • Storm Grey

Fuel Pod Rear

Rear top tube bag: UK made, weatherproof, 1L
Was £39.99

MytiPot 900

900 ml titanium cooking pot for soloists with large appetites
Was £49.99


Titanium knife, fork and spoon set
Was £22.49


Rechargeable bluetooth speaker that doubles as a camping lantern
Was £34.99


Meths camping stove weighing just 150g with a flame regulator
Was £29.99


Long handled titanium spork (or foon?)
Was £11.99

Juice Boost

5,000mAh portable power bank for overnight charging
Was £16.99

Juice Holder

20,000mAh compact power bank for week-long charging
Was £34.99

DryDock 50L

Airline cabin friendly, with rucksack straps and waterproof construction.
Was £74.99

Flat Stanley

Slim and lightweight folding plug with a USB charging port
Was £14.99

Vagabond Chair

Packs down small and easily squeezes into jam-packed car boots
Was £39.99

Hippo Filter Kit

Palm-sized water filtration system
Was £24.99

Airlok 36L

36 litre roll-top drybag. Silicone-coated ripstop nylon with fully-taped seams
Was £17.99

Juice Tank

10,000mAh portable power bank for weekend charging
Was £24.99

SnapWire Foon

Lightweight folding titanium spork (or foon? or maybe forpoonk?)
Bundle price £7.99

Vagabond Table

Lightweight and collapsible camping table
Bundle price £51.99