5 Gift Ideas for Climbers

5 Gift Ideas for Climbers

By Alex Guerrero>

Gritstone gear. Birthday belaying bundles. From serious sends to social Sundays, we’ve been asking our Alpkiteers and Alpkit staff to put together a gift guide for climbers. And not forgetting our customer favourites too!

  1. Bloc
  2. MyMokka
  3. Katabatic
  4. Haline Gloves
  5. Outdoor Provisions Energy Bar


climbers wearing bloc trousers

Our best climbing trouser. Organic cotton. Barely there. And tailored for toe-hooking, ninja-style-agility on the wall or on the gritstone. Photographer Joe bought a pair of Bloc trousers for bouldering but they were so comfy he bought another, and "has pretty much lived in them ever since. It makes wardrobe choices easy in the morning: 'chalky Blocs or not chalky Blocs?'".

MyMokka Stovetop Coffee Maker

camper using mymokka

Daniela and Paulo Teixeira were the first to summit Kapura South Summit (6350m) in Alpine style from its South Face. And they’re Alpkiteers. They think “outdoor activites would never be the same without a good, strong, black coffee!” That’s why, as well as climbing, the MyMokka is good for their wellbeing – “Alpkit thought of everything”.


daniela teixera climbing wearing katabatic jacket

The Katabatic is “definitely an all-rounder. Warm and super resistant fabric. Perfect for rock climbing, perfect for ice-climbing, perfect as a belay jacket…even perfect to go to the pub”. Daniela and Paulo are on our wavelength!

Haline Gloves

haline gloves

Crossword clue, 4 across. Handy for wet weather belaying (6-6). Answer: it’s the Haline Gloves. A recommended by climber and Design Tech Gabe, they’re waterproof to keep the elements away. And they have leather palms to protect your hands when belaying.

Outdoor Provisions Energy Bar

outdoor provisions bakewell bar

Plastic-free, compostable wrapped with flavours inspired by British national parks. Outdoor Provisions bars are perfect for keeping the energy up for weekend multi-pitch adventures.

Bouldering Mats

Small bouldering pad for sit starts and up-close impacts, 80 x 50 x 6cm
Taco bouldering mat for your local circuit, 100 x 100 x 8cm
Large taco bouldering pad for frequent boulderers, 134 x 100 x 11cm
Hinge style pad ideal for frequent boulderers, 100 x 132 x 11cm
Large hinged pad for high falls and big projects, 127 x 160 x 15cm
£249.99 £299.99
Self-standing bucket with roll top, large pocket and webbing loops
£22.99 £37.99
Cordura® chalk bag with waist strap for sport, trad or bouldering
£16.99 £27.99
A 100% natural balm for repairing tired and damaged skin
Moisturising skin creme to keep active skin hydrated

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