Fully Automated Customer Service: what you need to know

Fully Automated Customer Service: what you need to know

By Alpkit

We're automatic... hydromatic...

Okay, so maybe not hydromatic... So what do you need to know about our new fully automated customer service system?

As an independent company, we love that we can respond to your feedback at the drop of a hat. Whether you’re telling us what you think of our product design, our website, or how we look after our customers, our ears are open!

As much as we love hearing about what you get up to and chatting about your adventures, we understand that sometimes you’ve got other stuff to be getting on with and really just need to get on with your day.

So, to help you go nice places and do good things faster, we’re taking a leap into the future by going robot with our customer services across our stores and in AKHQ. The result will be a slicker, quicker, and more streamlined experience for you.

How will customers be affected by the new Automated Customer Service?


Our new Heroes use voice recognition technology to give you a quicker service.

On your first call, you’ll be offered the voice recognition option. Press 2 to agree to the service.
You’ll be asked to repeat a series words back to the device. Don’t worry – it doesn’t take too long and speeds things up for you in the future!
Hurrah! Your voice is now saved to our system, so next time you call our Heroes will know exactly who you are from the word Go!

In store

Our Automated Customer Service Heroes will be dotted round the store to answer your queries about the specifications and dimensions of all our products! When you’ve chosen your items, just head over the desk to scan through with the automated hero.

Email and Live Chat

You’ll see very little change to email and live chat services, other than a less conversational tone. Our Automated Customer Service Heroes use advanced Context Comprehension Technology to enhance understanding of even the worse spelling and grammar!

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