3 season synthetic sleeping bag with recycled content

Finding an alternative to goosedown sleeping bags for hiking in Spring

By Kenny Stocker

This synthetic sleeping bag is a springtime gem, offering lightweight insulation and a cozy fit, perfect for cool nights under the stars without weighing you down.

Our Cloud Peak 300 synthetic sleeping bag has been reviewed by The Great Outdoors magazine, emerging from the grilling as an excellent choice for spring camping in the UK, particularly for those seeking an ethical alternative to goose down.

The team zoomed in on this bag's key feature, the synthetic polyester-based insulation, which incorporates 35% recycled content. Additionally, its outer fabric boasts a PFC-free water repellent treatment, enhancing its resistance to damp conditions - a common challenge in UK camping.

While its synthetic fabric may add to its weight and slightly reduce breathability compared to down, it compensates with its impressive warmth-to-price ratio. The bag's construction quality is notable, offering a comfortable sleep limit of -4C, which is good for its price range.

Designed for practicality, the review praises the Cloud Peak 300 for its spacious feel, large hood, snug neck baffle, and a thick zip baffle, ensuring a cozy sleeping experience. Moreover, its ability to withstand damp and wet conditions makes it a reliable companion for UK campers, where such weather is often a factor.

The synthetic insulation retains warmth effectively, even in moist environments. For budget-conscious campers or those preferring to avoid down fill, the Cloud Peak 300 stands out as a down alternative for comfortable springtime camping.

The Cloud Peak 300 also appears in the guide to Best sleeping bags for hiking in 2024.

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