The Alpkit Foundation supporting running coach James

The Alpkit Foundation supporting running coach James

By Alpkit

The Alpkit Foundation supports running coach James, whose dedication turns trails into tracks where every step is a victory against mental health challenges.

The Alpkit Foundation is delighted to support James, an individual from Cheltenham. He would like to take his run coaching to the next level, and qualify as a Coach in Running and Fitness with England Athletics. The course teaches participants how to plan a progressive training program for runners, helping them to achieve and work towards a certain goal. It teaches how to coach on a variety of running surfaces, and when qualified, coaches will work without supervision to deliver sessions. The training takes place over a weekend, and is followed by a further training session later on in the year. Assessment is in October, where James will be expected to plan, deliver and review his coaching.

He explains why he is undertaking the project. “When I was younger I wanted to be a P.E. teacher, but events conspired against me. Now in later life, I have discovered a deep love of running, and more importantly sharing running and helping others to discover the sport. As a Leader in Running Fitness (qualified October 2014) I have spent the last 16 months assisting groups of road runners including a beginner's group, club groups and individuals, all within my own club, Almost Athletes. This next qualification will allow me to work with with a wider selection of people such as children and competitive athletes, as well as adding trail running coaching to my abilities and insurances. By qualifying I will be able to give runners the confidence and skills to appreciate the great outdoors more. It will also allow me to encourage others to qualify as Leaders or Assistants with England Athletics as I can mentor them and offer opportunities to work with my groups to achieve their own educational goals. All of this coaching is voluntary, and I will gain no financial benefit from qualifying as a coach.”

James would like funding from the Alpkit Foundation to complete the course and qualify as a Coach in Running and Fitness. Not only will James benefit from the course, but his club also (460+ runners). Beyond that, he is looking to help beginners groups alongside children to encourage their participation in the sport.

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