Packed with Hope

Packed with Hope

By Alex Guerrero>

The Alpkit Foundation is supporting Packed with Hope, providing 170 headtorches towards their campaign to bring a touch of joy to children displaced by war in Ukraine.

Books are incredible aren’t they? A place to escape, imagine and dream. Packed with Hope is a campaign started by two independent UK publishers. Gracie Cooper (Little Toller Books) and Kevin Duffy (Bluemoose Books) are the driving forces behind the campaign. They’re raising £75,000 to fill 10,000 rucksacks with a selection of books, notebooks, colouring pencils, drinking bottles and head torches.

It’s a wonderful campaign that’s really struck a chord and they are well on the way to hitting their target. Just a little bit of a nudge needed to ensure they can achieve their goal. Donating to the campaign will make a huge difference. No matter what contribution you can offer.

It can be easy to think that little things wont make much of a difference when faced with such an overwhelming situation, but a small package of joy really can have a big impact. We’re delighted to help towards adding a little light into that package.

Gracie explains. “'We know what we are doing is only the slightest of gestures. But what if something in that bag puts a smile on someone's face? What if a six-year-old could fall asleep listening to a bedtime story? What if a thirteen-year-old could escape into a story”.

The backpacks will be sent to countries bordering Ukraine, such as Poland or Romania. They’ll provide both comforting and necessary items to children fleeing conflict in Ukraine. It is an urgent campaign seeking to provide some comfort and relief during a terribly disruptive and distressing time for many, many Ukrainian children.

We're touched to see the community support from other brands. Finisterre have provided a hundred insulated flasks. Ocean Bottle and Pangaia have provided 1200 reusable drinks bottles. And Ella's Kitchen have donated over 100,000 individual food items.

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