Kickback Coffee 1% links with Alpkit Foundation

Kickback Coffee 1% links with Alpkit Foundation

By Col Stocker

Kickback Coffee’s Roasters have donated to the Alpkit Foundation as part of their 1% For the Planet commitment and desire to leave a positive trace through reducing their impact on the planet and building community

 Coffee giving that adventure kick.

We had the pleasure of nosing around Kickback Coffee’s Roastery recently and it gave a little insight into the passion that is behind their adventurous coffee beans.

Winding back the clock a little, Alex Shaw found himself roasting his own coffee using a popcorn machine following a visit to a Nottingham roaster and this drove him to develop his passion over the next 10 years, which ultimately led to their current home at The Old Brickworks in Pott Shrigley, Cheshire. Sitting in a beautiful location makes it easy to get a real connection to the outdoors and they are proactively driving a real community to share in this which harnesses the benefits of spending time outdoors.

Kickback Coffee Roastery building

There’s a real synergy here with our own visions and ties with their focus on how, as a coffee roaster, they can have a positive role in reducing the impact on the planet. So we are delighted that they have chosen to partner with the Alpkit Foundation as part of their 1% For the Planet commitment and look forward to helping target their donation into positive action.

As a 1% For the Planet Member, teaming up with people such as City of Trees and Alpkit Foundation can help us make a difference and have a direct impact on individuals experiencing the outdoors and their connection to nature by improving the spaces and environment people find themselves. By funding small and meaningful projects, you can see the impact.
opening a new sack of fresh coffee beans for roasting

coffee beans roasting in the machine

Embarking on the challenge of reducing their carbon footprint and their impact on the planet they have a desire to leave a positive trace. They are doing this in part by ensuring they have a deep understanding of the whole product chain right from those those close personal connections with coffee farms, how they deliver the coffee, through to the waste they produce and minimising coffee grounds, chaff and reusing the coffee sacks.

Alongside this they are also making positive steps by focussing on building a real community, using coffee as a vehicle to connect people with place.

roasting coffee beans

“We want Kickback Coffee to be the gateway to adventure, to go for that ride, the stimulant that drives getting out of the door and into the great outdoors. We are very fortunate to have incredibly adventurous customers and some highly talented ones too. We believe that caffeine is the key to open up this passion."

With their rambles acting as a slow adventure it allows families and individuals space and time in nature, while the rides and runs lead people on the trail where no one is ever left behind. They see these group activities as taking the stress and discomfort of route finding out of the equation and allow people to try run/ride on trails they may not experience before.

inside the roastery cafe

"As the Roastery sits in the heart of the Peak District, we pride ourselves on the outdoors and the Kickback Coffee events, which are now run from all of our Kickback Coffee sites, are an opportunity to bring people together, to share time in the outdoors & create conversations with like minded people."

inside the roastery cafe

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