Boots for Snowdon

Boots for Snowdon

By Alpkit

Boots for Snowdon empower adventurers with durable footwear to tackle Snowdon’s rugged terrain. Each step taken embodies determination, resilience, and love for nature.

We were delighted to offer support to Lydgate Special Needs School in Holmfirth in purchasing walking boots for pupils to replace worn pairs and offer smaller sizes, so enabling them to take a group of additional needs youngsters to climb Snowdon and experience their first mountain day. These bootswill be kept in school and used again for subsequent year’s.

Being able to help towards this will give these young people the chance to overcome fears, develop thier leadership skills and teamwork allin a safe lead environment. This will build up their confidence at an early age and will widen their teamwork and understanding of the great outdoors.

"Not only is our school an additional needs school but our pupils are also hit with financial barriers as well. Last year we took a group of pupils to Northumberland and two of them had never seen the sea before! Having the opportunity to access a residential experience in a safe led school environment is essential to help them develop. We receive no financial support from our school as budget restrictions do not cover the cost of school trips and essential outdoor equipment.We run this Snowdon trip with no cost to the pupils otherwise they would not be able to attend."

Lydgate School have children from the ages of 4 to 16 years and pupils attending the scholl have significant learning disability, performing well below expected levels in mainstream and usually additional impairments or conditions: they are a school for ‘complex needs’.

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