Alpkit Foundation Supports Air Cadets

Alpkit Foundation Supports Air Cadets

By David Hanney

Alpkit Foundation supports Air Cadets, taking them beyond drills and uniforms. Out in the wild, they find grit, learn leadership, and discover a passion for adventure.

Following on from the first trustee meeting we are delighted to kick things off by supporting Orpington Air Cadets, donating them with a pool of Fixe, Roca, Faders, Alien climbing equipment. This will minimise the costs of taking young people out, so they can deliver activities that give young people experiences they may not have had access to previously, but also to develop their personal skills in communication, leadership, resilience and problem solving.

Russell from Orpington Air Cadets.

Our location means that many cadets struggle to pay much more than a modest contribution to activities, which normally covers transport costs. As such, there is little money available to fund the purchase of equipment and all fundraising is done by the cadets and staff in order to provide new activities.

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