Alpkit Foundation supports 1500 Miles on Foot

Alpkit Foundation supports 1500 Miles on Foot

By Alpkit

The Foundation supports 1500 Miles on Foot, fueling a journey of self-discovery. Every step on the trail reveals courage and builds resilience.

Jake is the latest individual to receive funding from the Alpkit Foundation. He is walking 1,500 Miles on Foot for Mind - walking from Nottingham to Pulpit Rock in Norway. Mind provides advice and support to anyone experiencing a mental health problem. The charity campaigns to improve services and raise awareness and understanding. They support over 375,000 people across England and Wales, helping with employment, training and providing drop-in centres and supported houses.

Jake explains why this challenge is so important . “I want to play a part in trying to normalise mental illness, as I know how hard it can be when you’re suffering alone and you think that no-one else knows what you’re going through. People need to start viewing mental illness the same as physical illness, and know that they are inextricably linked – it should just be known as illness, there should be no difference. Mental illness can be just as life threatening, and it needs to be taken seriously. There should be no shame in suffering from mental illness.”

Jake hopes the walk will take him 100 days to complete, and would like the Alpkit Foundation to help him buy the equipment needed for such a challenge. If you would like to help Jake reach Norway, and raise money and awareness for Mind, please visit his Just Giving page.

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