Alive in the Allotment

Alive in the Allotment

By Col Stocker>

“I get to see "the old J” when I’m here. He’s so happy and enjoys it so much.”

Dementia can be emotionally challenging for those involved, which makes it all the more important to be able to provide suitable and meaningful activities in order to give those impacted the best quality of life through these difficult times. Alive Activities is a charity dedicated to improving the quality of life of the elderly and run a range of innovative community projects that engages older people and those suffering from dementia.

Being able to access the outdoors can become increasingly difficult and daunting, but the benefits remain highly beneficial, therapeutically and socially. What's more, combine this with positive interactions between those across generations and it can take it to another level, for everyone. Amanda from Alive Activities applied to the Alpkit Foundation for help towards fortnightly intergenerational gardening sessions at their community allotment in Bristol.

"You make people's hearts sing with joy up here”

“Our project delivers intergenerational gardening activities for people living with dementia, and children/young people. The project improves the physical and mental health and wellbeing of participants, helping them to keep active, maintain physical fitness/improve mobility, as well as benefit from improved mood, relaxation and emotional wellbeing through connections with nature/the outdoors and others. It also helps young people to improve their wellbeing, enhance their knowledge of gardening/nature, and provide opportunities to learn new skills and build confidence/self-esteem.

Participants work together to grow flowers/fruit/vegetables, and improve the community allotment to help regenerate the local environment.”

The Alpkit Foundation was delighted to put £100 towards plants, seeds and soil at these sessions. It was wonderful to hear from Amanda on the effect they’ve had on older people living with dementia, their carers, as well as young children who are being home-schooled.

“Our gardening sessions are still ongoing and the project has been hugely successful. Below are a selection of the feedback and quotes that we have received from people attending the allotment"

Find out more about the work of Alive Activities.

“This is the first time I’ve seen my Mum out of a chair in two weeks. She’s never done any gardening before but she’s really enjoying this.”

"I like it here, it's a laugh and it makes me feel happier”.

“When we’re at home we argue all the time but we never do that when we're at the allotment, we just talk like in the old days”.

"Everyone's so happy here, it's lovely to just sit and look around and see the open space.”

“It was a joy to see A calm and purposefully engaged. He gave Guy a lovely smile at the end which was a sign he was relaxed and had enjoyed himself.”

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