Seals and a Beast of a Paddle Home

Seals and a Beast of a Paddle Home

By Connie Ceuppens>

Thanks for sending thisinJames. It looks like a lovely day, even with the tough paddle back!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Alpkit for my replacement Kraku and MytiMug bags.

It was very kind of you to search the warehouse for spares.

They came in very useful on a winter trip out from Poole Harbour to see the resident seals at Shipstal Point and on to Studland Bay.

I headed out first thing, in sunshine and light winds and arrived at Shipstal Point earlier than expected, so got a chance to try out my new Koro stove for a quick brew while waiting for the seals.

After packing up and heading out towards Round Island, a friendly seal made an appearance and decided to play chase for 15 minutes. Never getting too close, but popping up a few feet away before nudging the stern of the kayak and disappearing again.

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  • Where’s the ending of the story? 😁

    Jackie McGillicuddy

    March 22, 2022

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