Getting outdoors – a different kind of story

Getting outdoors – a different kind of story

By Alpkit

Pam gets creative with her brother's Alpkit Heiko so he can Go Nice Places, Do Good Things

Thanks to Pam for sharing this story with us - it's great to see our customers using their creativity and getting the most out of our kit.

"My “Getting Outdoors’ story is not a typical one.

My remarkable brother has had MS for more than 20 years, becoming, very slowly, less able to do all the things he enjoys in life. He currently uses a powered wheelchair and has use of only his right arm and hand.

A talented leisure musician, he has progressed over the years, as his mobility and dexterity have decreased, from guitar, via piano and African drums, to now creating and laying down music using a laptop and complex technology. I am so impressed!

Always a lover of the outdoors, his last hill climb was one made, several years ago, with the support of a friend, climbing a distant hill near Loch Ness, that he could just see from his home. It was a difficult one, as lack of energy and muscle power almost saw him give up. Sheer determination and some strong encouragement saw him make his way to the top, providing a great view and a happy memory.

On a recent visit he mentioned to me how difficult it is to “pop on or off” a layer of cosy clothing to assist temperature management. Jackets, however cosy, are awkward to put on over his weakened arm.

I suggested a bodywarmer which I could deconstruct, then adding Velcro tabs to make it easy to pop on or off.

I wanted a lightweight, but warm one and after much searching found an Alpkit Heiko which was ideal.

Customised Heiko velcro

I quickly learned how well constructed these are, as I carefully unpicked not the expected two, but three, side seams on one side of the garment. I then bound these raw edges and created toning mountings for Velcro strips. The result was a very successful garment which enables a speedy extra layer to be donned for times in the garden, or trips into town when the weather allows. Thank you Alpkit."

We'd love to hear any more stories our customers have of adventures (big or small) with their Alpkit gear.

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