Merino wool

Our ode to nature's wonder material

The 7 wonders of merino

Here are 7 reasons why we love merino. And watch Al Humphreys, Jenny Graham and Pete McNeil share their love of this wonder material.

1. Softer than soft

Our ultra-fine fibres mean you can forget that itchy, wooly jumper feeling. Merino feels lovely against your skin.

2. Dries quickly

Merino absorbs less moisture so drys out super quickly. Dry already? It sure is.

Introducing Milford

The newest member of our merino family. A luxuriously soft pure merino midlayer

3. Sustainable

All natural, all renewable and all biodegradable. And all the merino we use is ethically sourced from non-mulesing farms.

4. Easy to care for

Merino is anti-microbial. You don't even need to use detergent to wash it.

5. Nature's thermostat

Yup, merino is cool when it's warm and warm when it's cool. It absorbs excess heat and releases it when the temperature drops. Clever stuff.

6. What's that smell?

Not you in your merino that's for sure. Merino is naturally odour resistant so you can rest easy knowing you're not causing a stink.

The Kepler Collection

Alpkit merino wool classics

7. It's super breathable

Merino fibres are wavy little things which helps trap heat when you need it and lets moisture escape easily.

Share the merino love

We asked Al Humphreys, Jenny Graham and Pete McNeil why they love their Alpkit merino so much.

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