Dry Bags

Dry Bags

Dry bags keep your kit dry and free from damp, dirt and dust. Our roll-top bags come in a range of sizes from 1-litre bags for valuables to 65-litre rucksack liners. We've also got dry bag backpacks and specialist bags for swimming and bikepacking. All our bags come with a 3 year Alpine Bond so you'll be keeping your gear dry for years to come.. Read more

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Air Pump 20L

Sleeping mat pump that converts to a 20L dry bag
Bundle price From £11.99
  • Chilli
  • Black
  • Kelp

Airlok Xtra 13L

Idealr lining your pack or carrying a sleeping mat
Bundle price From £17.99
  • Black
  • Lego
  • Chilli

Gourdon 20L

20-litre waterproof backpack with bungee cords and mesh pockets
Bundle price £37.99

How to use a dry bag

Airlok & Airlok Xtra

Airlok are our classic roll-top waterproof dry bags to protect your valuables and equipment from water, sand and dirt. The simple design is lightweight, robust and long-lasting. They start from small 1-litre bags for valuables through to 65-litre expedition rucksack liners designed to work seamlessly with our Pacific Crest backpack.

Airlok Xtra takes things up a little with added attachment points and a shoulder strap for improved versatility. you can still use them as a pack liner but they're robust enough to carry clothing and kit in their own right.

Specialist dry bags

We've got a range of specialist bags suited for water sports, bikepacking and camping trips. Nori is a swimming tow float that doubles as a 20-litre dry sack. Airlok Dual and Airlok Tapered take your bikepacking game to the next level while our 20-litre Air Pump also moonlights as a dry bag when it's not on inflating duty.