The Astley Cooper School

The Astley Cooper School

By Alpkit>

The Alpkit Foundation is pleased to support The Astley Cooper School in Hemel Hempstead. For the past 2 years, they have run the Duke of Edinburgh programme for year 9 students. There has been a significant rise in interest, however the school is struggling to reach out to students who are less fortunate, who struggle to afford the sign up costs, fund expeditions and the required equipment.

Michael explains why the project is happening. “We are trying to increase these numbers as we feel that it is important for students of a less fortunate background to have the same opportunities as their peers. We have found it difficult to involve some students who’s parents are concerned about the monetary cost of funding the expeditions, and also who would struggle to get suitable equipment (walking boots/ waterproof clothing). We envisage that a large group of students in future years would benefit form funding as it would provide a better opportunity for them to get outdoors.”

The Alpkit Foundation will provide funding to help purchase equipment for the school, which will be passed on through following years and groups.

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