Sonder Camino Ti Rival1 Hydraulic

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Sonder Camino Ti Rival1 Hydraulic

Titanium drop bar gravel bike


Partnered with pure SRAM 1x 11 Rival groupset. The titanium Camino and monocoque fork and class-leading components for round-the-world travel

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This bike is on pre-order. It is due to arrive in stock soon and builds start from 26th October. We'll keep you up-to-date throughout with your order progress and your planned bike build day.

All Sonder bikes are built to order and can be customised. Our build time is currently 5 weeks. 

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  • 1. components

    Sonder Bomber 56cm
    Love Mud Abode

    Configure your 1. components


    • Sonder Bomber 56cm

    • Sonder Bomber [OEM]

      Flared drops have found popularity in the cycle-cross and gravel racing communities where control and stability over off-road surfaces is important. For the long distance tourer flared drops give an even greater range of hand positions, allowing you to shuffle around on the bars and reduce fatigue.

    • Love Mud Spitfire 42cm


    • Love Mud Spitfire

      Head down; dig deep; keep on pedalling.

      The Spitfire was made for three things: speed, agility, and comfort, exactly what you’re after when you’re pedalling hard or out for a long day on the road.

      Best suited to a road bike, the slight flare improves handling, so you can put it on your gravel bike too.

    • Love Mud Hurricane 42cm


    • Love Mud Hurricane

      Get down in the drops and take your adventure to the road with these classic aluminium drop bars.

      Hurricane is a reliable bar for your road based adventures. Made from 6061-T6 grade aluminium and with a 70mm reach and 120mm drop and weigh 320 grams. A tried and tested design that will provide comfort and control as you eat up the miles.


    • Love Mud Abode

    • Love Mud Abode [OEM]

      High density foam padding over a plastic base provides comfort and longevity. A v-shaped split at the rear of the saddle allows flex as you are riding, increasing shock absorbancy and reducing pressure on the spot between your sit bones.

      Scooped up at the back with a slight rise towards the nose the longitudinal profile provides a cupped, craddled seating position, a timeless, proven design for distance on and off the road or climbing in the mountains.

      Stainless steel rails give 50 mm of forward and back adjustment to help you find your sweet spot.

      All our Sonder bikes come with Abode fitted as standard.

    • Love Mud Kura


    • Love Mud Kura

      Adventure cycling is diverse; in the course of a single trip you can find km's of asphalt, traverse rutted grasslands, weave through thickly forest singletrack, climb loose gravel track or descend steep rocky trails.

      It is unlikely you are going to find a single saddle position for all of this terrain. With this in mind Kura has a flat longitudinal profile with a gentle lateral curvature to give an extended saddle area, allowing you to position yourself around the saddle as you move between road, downhill, and climbing.

      The honeycomb base reduces weight whilst still providing structure and support that adapts and flexes with your motion.

      Titanium rails giving 50 mm of forward and back adjustment to help you find your sweet spot. Titanium is more forgiving than steel so provides a little more comfort.

      Slightly wider than our Adobe saddle, it may provide additional comfort for riders with wider sit bones.

    • Brooks Cambium C17 Saddle / All Weather / Black


    • Brooks Cambium C17 Saddle [OEM] / All Weather / Black
    • Brooks Cambium C17 Saddle / All Weather / Brown


    • Brooks Cambium C17 Saddle [OEM] / All Weather / Brown
    • Brooks Cambium C17 Saddle / All Weather Carved / Black


    • Brooks Cambium C17 Saddle [OEM] / All Weather Carved / Black


    • Love Mud Ingot Inline


    • Love Mud Ingot

      A lightweight titanium seat post is the ultimate accessory to complement your titanium frame or a simply an elegant weight saving upgrade from a standard aluminium post.

      At 240 grams Ingot is a full 76 grams lighter than our aluminium Membar seatpost. Being titanium it benefits from this materials legendary strength and elasticity, smoothing out the long hours in the saddle whilst at the same time reducing the weight, its a win win!

      With a twist of your allen key the micro adjustment rail clamp allows the saddle angle to be fine tuned to your ideal position.

      Lightweight, shiny and titanium - what other reasons do you need?!

  • 2. wheels

    Inner Tubes
    Love Mud Orbit 700c Wheelset

    Configure your 2. wheels


    • Inner Tubes

    • Inner Tubes
    • Tubeless Setup


    • Tubeless Setup


    • Love Mud Orbit 700c Wheelset

    • Love Mud Orbit 700c Wheelset [OEM]

      Wide tyred, lightweight, tough, and versatile. Orbit disc brake 700c wheelset is hungry for grit, gravel, and adventure on road and trail. Machine built for precision and and individually hand checked for quality.

      Tubeless ready lightweight rims

      19 mm narrow and lightweight rims make Orbit ideal for year round riding. Run with 28 - 45 mm tyres, or run tubeless with some 24 mm tape, a pair of valves, and compatible tyres. Disc brake only.

      Durable, convertible, and serviceable hub

      Sealed wheel bearings so they are easily serviceable without the need for specialist tools; adaptable for 100/135 QR or 100/142 bolt-through setups; supplied QR. The axles are double machined so they are first machined, then milled for precision and finally milled again for final perfection. Plus they are made out of aluminium so they are not heavy.

      Comes with the Shimano 11 speed freehub (10s spacers included).

      700c | QR (Bolt-through adapters available) | fits Camino AL and Camino Ti | suited to 28 mm - 45 mm tyres

      Juice up

      For adventure-minded peddlers and wilderness wanderers, upgrading to the Juice Dynamo hub lets you recharge your torch or GPS as longs as you're pedalling without the faff of installing a dynamo hub yourself.

    • FSA NS Gravel Wheelset 650b / Shimano


    • FSA NS Gravel Wheelset
    • FSA NS Gravel Wheelset 700c / Shimano


    • FSA NS Gravel Wheelset
  • 3. pedals

    No Pedals

    Configure your 3. pedals


    • No Pedals (none)

    • No Pedals
    • Shimano M520 Pedal Black


    • Shimano M520 Pedal
    • Shimano RS500SL Pedal Black


    • Shimano RS500SL Pedal
    • Shimano A530 Pedal Black


    • Shimano A530 Pedal
  • 4. accessories

    Bottle cages
    No Bottle Cages
    No Mudguards
    No Pannier Rack

    Configure your 4. accessories

    Bottle cages

    • No Bottle Cages (none)

    • No Bottle Cages
    • Love Mud Sideblade Left Entry / Black


    • Love Mud Sideblade
      The Sideblade bottle cage not only gives your water bottle a lovely, secure hug, but its side loading system makes it easier to access when you need a drink, making staying hydrated a joy even when you've got a load of frame bags to work around!

      The Side blade is geared at letting you get to your water when you've got a bike packed up with frame bags, this means that it's also ideal for compact and full-sus frames where a standard loading bottle cage system just won't fit, you can choose which side you'd like to access your bottle by with a twist of the cage in the mount before your ride.

      Made of polycarbonate, the Sideblade is also super light and super duper tough - hooray!
    • Sonder Buzz Wire Single


    • Sonder Buzz Wire [OEM]

      The easiest and most convenient way to carry water on your bike, a classic cage design that holds your water bottle nice and snug.

      Buzz Wire is reassuringly durable, weighs just 65 grams and will carry your 500 or 750 ml water bottle with ease.

      If you are on expedition and looking for a way to pass a rest day make a bent wire loop and challenge someone to a game of Buzz Wire!

    • Sonder Buzz Wire Pair


    • Sonder Buzz Wire [OEM]

      The easiest and most convenient way to carry water on your bike, a classic cage design that holds your water bottle nice and snug.

      Buzz Wire is reassuringly durable, weighs just 65 grams and will carry your 500 or 750 ml water bottle with ease.

      If you are on expedition and looking for a way to pass a rest day make a bent wire loop and challenge someone to a game of Buzz Wire!


    • No Mudguards (none)

    • No Mudguards
    • SKS Commuter Mudguard Set 28 / 45mm / Black


    • SKS Commuter Mudguard Set

      High quality, full length mudguard set with high quality, stainless-steel fittings.

      Fitted by us so you don't have to go through the pain!

    • SKS Bluemels Mudguard Set 28 / 53mm / Black


    • SKS Bluemels Mudguard Set


    • No Pannier Rack (none)

    • No Pannier Rack
    • Passport Tour Rack Black


    • Passport Tour Rack

      You don't know the next time you are going to see home, you came here to get away from that. The few meagre luxuries you have with you are tucked away like precious little eggs in the pannier behind you. You have to look after yourself on the road.

      Tour Rack is a solid rear mounted pannier rack with an integral low-rider frame. It is made to support you on your big journeys, carrying your stuff until you decide you have had enough. Funnily enough it plays nicely with our Sonder Santiago and Camino framesets.

      Low riders - other than just sounding cool - lower the hang height of your panniers thus improving stabilty. If you need the extra clearance just pop your pannier up to the top bar.

      An added bonus is a bolt-on “light tube” which provides a secure fixing for most LED rear lights designed to fit on seat posts.

      The Tour Rack won't make your bike look any sexier than it already does, but you will be able to stay away from home longer.

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At a glance
  • Hand welded aeronautical-grade titanium frame and monocoque carbon fork
  • Drivetrain: SRAM Rival1 / 1x11 / 11-42
  • Brakes: SRAM Rival1 flat mount hydraulic disc brakes
  • Wheelset: Love Mud Orbit
  • Tyres: WTB Resolute / Light Fast Rolling / 700 / 42
  • V2 frames with bolt-through axles
  • For the long distance traveller
  • Relaxed riding position for comfort and performance
  • Rear pannier and mudguard rack mounts
  • 650c and 700c wheel size compatible
Sharing the DNA of a cyclocross, gravel and adventure race bike, the geometry has been relaxed for for long day comfort, Camino is designed to get you out there exploring the world. Whether meandering along the dusty trails of California or racing for the finish of Tuscany Trail, Camino gives you the exhilarating mix of speed and versatility. Light twangy titanium with slack head angle combined with the longer wheelbase, Camino excels both loaded and unloaded, absorbing every surface you ride.
Equipped with the SRAM Rival 1 x 11 groupset this build offers great value performance. The 1 x 11 gearing gives a 3.6 - 1 ratio (101.8 - 26.6 gear inches with 44mm tyre). That’s plenty to open up the big alpine passes to mere mortals with enough at the top end to open up on the flat.
Singletrack review the Sonder Camino Al
With its flexible wheel size options and plenty of tyre clearance, there’s scope for building the Sonder Camino AL however you want it. However, as built, this Rival 1 option seems to me to be a great fit straight out the box. If you can’t fork out for this higher end build kit straight away, the ride quality is such that the frame makes a good candidate for later upgrades, and the handling is simply excellent. Unless your heart is set on steel, titanium, or carbon, I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t want this bike. I do want this bike, and I’m genuinely sorry to be sending it back.
Author: Amanda Wishart - Singletrack
Geometry and Sizing


Generally we recommend:
Riders between 5ft 2in and 5ft 7in
Riders between 5ft 6in and 5ft 10in
Riders between 5ft 9in and 6ft 2in
Riders 6ft 2in and over
You can also take into consideration the standover height to ensure you pick a bike that will be a good fit. If you measure your inside leg and ensure there is a minimum of an inch from the toptube to your crotch this will give you enough seatpost adjustment to find your optimum saddle height.
Size Small Medium Large X-Large
ST - Seat tube 460 490 520 550
TT - Top tube 530 556 576 604
HT - Head tube 140 160 180 200
HA - Head angle 71 71 71 71
SA - Seat angle 74.5 74 74 73
CS - Chainstay 435 435 435 435
BB - BB drop 73 73 73 73
FO - Fork offset 50 50 50 50
WB - Wheelbase 1020 1040 1062 1070
SO - Stand over 743 761 785 808
RE - Reach 370 385 400 410
SK - Stack 568 587 605 624
Build Spec
Build Camino Ti Rival1 Hydraulic
Frame: Sonder Camino Ti Frame [V2]
Fork: Sonder Camino Ti Fork [V2]
Headset: FSA Orbit C-40-ACB Headset / 7.8mm Spacer
Group Set
Left Brake: SRAM Rival 1 Shifters / Hydraulic / Left / Flat
Right Brake: SRAM Rival 22 Shifters / Hydraulic / Right / Flat
Calipers: SRAM Rival Flat-Mount Hydraulic Calipers
Rotors: Avid Centreline Rotor / 160mm
Rear Mech: SRAM Rival Rear Derailleur / 1 / Long
Chainset: SRAM Rival 1 Crankset GXP / 172.5mm / 40
Bottom Bracket: SRAM Bottom Bracket / Standard
Chain: SRAM PC1110 Chain / 118 Links
Cassette: SRAM PG1130 Cassette / 11 / 11-42
Finishing Kit
Stem: Love Mud Storc 31.8mm / 80mm
Seatpost: Love Mud Membar / 27.2mm / 400mm
Saddle: Sonder Abode / Black
Tape/Grips: Love Mud Reels / Black
Handlebar: Sonder Bomber
Wheels: FSA NS Gravel Wheelset / 700c / Shimano
Tyres: WTB Resolute / Light Fast Rolling / 700 / 42
Tubes: WTB Inner Tube / 700 / 28-38
Frame: S: 1.73 kg; M: 1.75 kg; L: 1.84 kg; XL: 1.92 kg
Fork 0.55 kg
Built: S: 9.93 kg; M: 10.05 kg; L: 10.1 kg; XL: 10.2 kg
Pedals not included with full builds
Frame Spec

Lightweight, durable and strong aluminium frame. 

Weight: S: 1.73kg; M: 1.75kg; L: 1.84kg; XL: 1.92kg
Aeronautical grade titanium
One piece carbon monocoque fork
Seatpost diameter: 27.2mm
Seat tube OD 31.8 mm
Headset: IS42/28.6 | IS52/40
Disk brake only
Mud guard and pannier rack mounts 700 x 50mm or 650b x 2.1” tyre clearance 12mm bolt through axles at both ends 

Lightness and speed combined with comfort and stability

Wide, flat aeronautical grade titanium hand welded tubing and lightweight carbon fork for enhanced shock absorbency whilst maintaining the precision of rigid forks. Built for long days in the saddle.

Expedition geometry

Offering performance and comfort. Camino is fast and responsive with a lightweight titanium frame construction, carbon forks, long wheel base and an extended head tube. The geometry gives a more upright riding position and construction materials absorb negative vibrations to give all-day riding comfort that to ease back pain, neck pain and numbness in the fingers.

Superior stopping power

Seatstay mounted hydraulic disk brakes ensure that you will be able to stop when that elk appears out of nowhere.

Rear rack mounts

Mudguard and pannier rack compatible. Rear rack and guard mounts give you the option to load up your Camino with panniers. Carbon fork options available for front mounts.

Wheel compatibility

Clearance for tyres and wheels up to 650b x 48 mm or 700c x 45 mm