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  • Harry and Daisy Learn To Skateboard
    • Harry and Daisy Learn To Skateboard

    Harry and Daisy Learn To Skateboard

    Craig rothney with illustrations by cat bruce

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    Fun and educational book that sets out to teach the basic steps of the sport to kids and parents alike

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      Harry and Daisy Learn to Skateboard is the first in a series of books designed to help children develop their skating skills, as well as providing parents with skateboarding knowledge to help them learn safely.

      The book focuses on the very basic skills needed to get moving on a board and breaks down each movement with clear descriptions, making it easy for all ages to understand.

      Craig Rothney has been skateboarding for as long as he can remember, skating all over the world and spreading his passion for the sport. Wherever he's been he's helped kids with the basics of skateboarding, simplifying techiques so they can progress and feel more confident on their boards.


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