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    Boulder Britain

    Climbing guidebook

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    180 venues, 3,200 problems. A comprehensive guide to all the brilliant bouldering in Britain. Broad scope with stunning photography
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    We'd love to be able to buy every single guidebook for every corner of the UK, but until we win the lottery this book is the next best thing!

    This select UK bouldering guidebook travels from top to tail of the country covering popular and obscure bouldering locations. 3,200 problems of all grades. Every problem is shown in full colour photo-topos with clear and conscise maps to help you get there.


    • The honeypot gritstone of the Pennines: Stanage, Burbage, Almscliffe and Caley

    • The rough beauty of south-west granite: Bonehill Rocks, Hound Tor, Cam Brea and Helman Tor

    • Overhanging testpieces on all corners of the land: Dumbarton Rock, Forest Rock, The Bowderstone and Craig-y-Longridge

    And many more!

    "This was the first bouldering book I bought. It comes in really handy for when you're away visiting friends/family and are chucking the pads in the car for some opportunistic crag exploring" - Hati from the AK Web team


    Key Features

    • 3,200 problems of all grades
    • The most exciting photos from the best photographers
    • Full colour photo-topos
    • Clear concise maps
    • Popular climbing words in French, German, Spanish and English translation
    • 3 Year Alpine Bond