Judy on CarbonLite trekking poles

By Kenny Stocker

I have been using CarbonLite poles since January 07 in the French Alps in snow, ice, scree and ordinary trails, often snowshoeing, when quite large forces are used. They have held up really well over 800km and 48km of ascent and will be used for the rest of the year on my challenge. image A few points:

  1. The tail end of the wrist straps appeared to have been trimmed with a hot knife. The corners of the melted edge were sharp, so I recut and remelted the edge.
  2. The wedge adjustment of the wrist straps is quick and secure. It does not slip. Heaps better than Lekis, and works very well when putting on or off thick gloves.
  3. Carbon is much nicer to hold and adjust than ally in sub zero temps!
  4. The holes in the handles gave me slight blisters because their edges are not radiused. I have burred them with a knife edge and this is now better.
  5. I had feared that the snow baskets which just press on, unlike Lekis that screw on, might equally just pull off, probably in deep snow when this is not desirable! The baskets have not come off.
  6. After some '4wd' snowshoeing on steep slopes, one of the snow baskets ripped and broke, luckily I was soon on hard pack again. I do feel that the snow baskets could be stronger.
  7. Had you considered a camera monopod version, perhaps just an optional plug to go in the top of a handle? CarbonLites are likely to be used by gramweenies, and if they can save weight by not carrying a tripod, this will be popular imho.
  8. The collar that locks the sections together appears sturdy and progressive. I have had no trouble with slippage.

Great product, thanks ! Judy, Alpine Challenge

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