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    Cycling/running sunglasses


    Running and cycling sunglasses with anti-fog vents, nose and arm grips and a spare orange lens for low light conditions
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    The Vector are lightweight sunglasses with interchangeable vented lenses for all-weather cycling and squint-free trail running.

    The Vector are well-suited to high intensity activities. Air vents in the top of the lenses promote air flow and stop you misting up when you're working up a sweat. Plus, a nose grip and rubberised arms stop them slipping off sweaty hooters when you're bouncing over rocks and potholes.

    The Vector come with two lenses: one dark Category 3 lens which provides 100% UV protection and one orange tinted lens for greater definition and visibility in low-light conditions. The wrap-around style provides a wide field of vision, whatever your activity.


    Key Features

    • Air vents at the top of the lens allows air flow to stop fogging
    • Spare orange lens for maximum visibility in low light conditions
    • Wrap-around style provides a wide field of vision and blocks out light
    • Nose grip and rubberised arms to help them stay on your face
    • 100% UV protection guards against damaging UV rays
    • Category 3 lenses block out 80% of visible light
    • Hard coated lens provides protection from scratches
    • 3 Year Alpine Bond

    Vital stats


    Polyamide frames / Category 3 polycarbonate lenses


    Origin: China