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    The Ogre

    Doug scott

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    Doug Scott’s biography of a mountain and the dramatic story of the first ascent
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    'Some mountains are high; some mountains are hard. Few are both.' For us, The Ogre is one of the greatest adventure stories ever.

    ‘On the afternoon of 13 July 1977, having become the first climbers tot reach the summit of the Ogre, Doug Scott and Chris Bonnington began their long descent. In the minutes that followed, and feeling of success from their achievement would be overwhelmed by the start of a desperate fight for survival. And things will only get worse.’

    Legend Doug Scott tells the story of the Ogre, a 7,000 metre peak in the centre of the Karakoram with a notorious reputation in climbing circles. The book is in two parts; the first gives a meticulous account of the history and geography of the mountain, and the second tells a very personal and long overdue account of Scott and Bonington’s first ascent, followed by their dramatic week-long descent.