Like a cosy second-skin, the Kepler Liner Beanie rarely leaves our heads, packs and pockets. Whether it’s for summit stops, early morning runs or blustery multi-pitches, bringing this beanie is a no-brainer. And a warm-brainer.

  • Low-profile design fit neatly under helmets and in pockets
  • Corespun with nylon and spandex for extra stretch and durability
  • Double layer-headband to keep your ears toasty

The Kepler Liner Beanie sits squarely in that niche between intolerable brain freeze and “I need to take this hat off before I boil to death.” Made from naturally warm, breathable and temperature-regulating merino wool, it provides a thin layer off warmth that stays comfortable even as your heart rate rises.

Superfine (17.5) micron merino wool has a high warmth to weight ratio without the bulk of other materials, allowing it to squeeze into the smallest of pockets when you need to take it off. Combined with the low-profile design (a panelled fit and flat-lock seams), the Liner Beanie fits neatly and comfortably under your climbing or cycling helmet. We’ve also used a double-layered headband to stop your ears from getting chilly – always the first casualties.

The beanie’s non-mulesed merino wool is blended with a small amount nylon and spandex using a process called ‘corespun’. Corespun merino is made by wrapping merino wool fibres around a central thread of nylon and spandex. This gives the Kepler Liner beanie more stretch for a better fit and extra durability to withstand the usual outdoor use and abuse.


Key Features

  • Panelled design and low-profile seams fit neatly under helmets and hoods
  • Merino blend is Corespun with nylon and spandex for extra stretch and durability
  • Merino wool is breathable and temperature-regulating to keep you comfortable
  • Double-layer headband to keep your ears warm and toasty
  • Naturally odour-resistant merino wool requires less washing
  • Superfine 17.5 micron merino dries quickly and is non-itchy
  • Lightweight and low-bulk for squeezing into pockets
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


86% Australian non-mulesing Merino (17.5 micron), 12% nylon, 2% spandex, (200gsm)


25g (S/M) / 33g (L/XL)

Origin: China

Care & Environmental Advice

Product Care Information

Merino wool is naturally odour-resistant, requiring less washing. When your beanie does start to whiff, hand wash it in lukewarm water or stick it on a gentle cycle at 30°C.

Use a gentle soap instead of detergents if you can, and don’t use conditioners of fabric softeners – these can reduce your beanie’s wicking abilities.

Environmental considerations

We only use merino from certified non-mulesed sources. Mulesing is a practice some farms use to guard against parasitic fly strike. We believe this practice is cruel and unnecessary and something that can be easily prevented by regular shearing.

Size Guide
Hat Sizing
One Size Regular Large
Inches 21.7 - 24 21.7 - 22.8 23.2 - 24.4
Centimetres 55 - 61 55 - 58 59 - 62

How to Measure

Measure around the circumference of your head.

How to Measure

Measure around the circumference of your head.