Fallen Pieces of the Moon
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Fallen Pieces of the Moon

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Turreted fairytale peaks, glistening snowfields, waterfalls plunging over immense cliffs into the sea, a million tons of ice capsizing - this is the setting for "Fallen Pieces of the Moon", an account of a kayak trip along the west coast of Greenland, paddling about 150 miles of coastline in the Nuuk fjords area.

Along the journey, the reader gets an insight into the day-to-day battles against the unsettled weather, unstable icebergs and bugs by the billion. An environmental perspective also runs through the book with information about Arctic animals, pollution and the actress environment.

Told with humour, the book is endlessly informative and entertaining on topics ranging from cannibalism, kayak rolling and Inuit string games to cargo cults or how the invention of bully beef influenced naval tactics.