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    Born to Run

    Christopher mcdougall


    Christopher McDougall explores a hidden tribe, ultra-running and the greatest race the world has never seen in this written account of extraordinary endurance.

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      Barefoot running is all the rage these days, but the Tarahumara tribe have been doing it for centuries and reaping the benefits.

      In January 2001 Christopher asked his doctor a seemingly simple question: 'Why does my foot hurt?'.

      A writer for Men's Health and no stranger to semi-extreme sport, McDougall had suffered a serious of injuries since he started running. However, rather than accept that his body simply wasn't made for running, he sets out in search of answers.

      What follows is an illuminating exploration of mankind's most ancient pursuit as McDougall travels to Mexico to learn the secrets of the Tarahumara tribe, the world's greatest distance runners.

      His epic quest takes us from the science labs of Harvard, through the icy peaks of North America to the sun-baked Copper Canyons of Mexico, revealing that everything we thought we knew about running is probably wrong