Bundle and Save Offers

Bundle and Save Offers

Bundles of fun, bundles of joy, bundles of bundles! Ready-made adventure kits to help you save money and Go Nice Places, Do Good Things with minimum faff... Read more

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Caledonian 10 Pair

Two 10 litre waxed cotton front panniers for cycle touring
Was £159.98

Bikepacking Handlebar Bag Bundle

Handlebar bags and harnesses to strap kit like sleeping bags and mats to your handlebar.
Was £94.97

Bike Packing Cockpit Bundle

Kit out your cockpit with this all-in-one bundle
Was £100.97

Complete Bikepacking Bag Bundle

Hit the open road as soon as the feeling takes you with this complete bikepacking bag bundle
Was £267.95

Enduro Pack And Pod Bundle

Seat pack and top tube bag bundle
Was £83.98

Caledonian 25 Pair

Two waxed cotton 25L panniers for commuting and leisurely cycle tours
Was £179.98

Caledonian Pannier Set

Waxed cotton pannier set with 70L of capacity for cycle touring
Was £339.96

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