Coming to a high street near you?

Coming to a high street near you?

By Dan Thompson

Alpkit store coming soon

So who’s up for some exciting plans then?

We are in the process of looking to open an Alpkit showcase store in the near future at a secret (ish) location in the Peak District.

Yes you heard it right... Little old Alpkit, the online only and direct to consumer outdoor gear chaps and chapesses is coming to a high street near you, (maybe, it depends where you live).

We know, isn’t it exciting! You’ll soon be able to come and see us, talk to us, have a brew with us and touch, feel and try on our whole range of products.

Now of course we’re continuing with our online presence, this is how we started and it’s the core of who we are. We are still direct to consumer online and now in our own shops. Yes, we will be selling straight to you, we’re not working with other retailers, or third parties, we have our own way of doing things and the best way to maintain that is to do it ourselves. So, you won’t see any price hikes for what we’re selling in the shops, it’ll match the pricing we can achieve by selling direct to you through our website. We see the Alpkit Stores as being a physical representation of what we do currently online, similar to our Showroom here at Alpkit Towers in Nottingham.

We would love to be opening a store somewhere amongst the high grassy meadows, and below the towering snow capped peaks of the Alps, but that will have to wait, for a little while at least... So if we couldn’t do the Alps then our local National Park seemed the next best thing, and we do love the Peak District.

But why? Why would we want to open a physical outdoor shop? Well, most of us learnt our trade by starting out working in outdoor shops to earn a buck to head off climbing, biking or paddling for a few days (or weeks). We’ve always dreamt that one day we would have a flagship store so we could put into practice everything we’ve learnt over the years and give our customers the full Alpkit experience.

We’re super excited and know the delights and benefits that having a space like this can have. We started tentatively with a showroom here at Alpkit HQ and it’s always a pleasure to welcome people in, show them our gear, chat about adventures and have a cup of tea (or coffee for the non-believers).

We want to give our customers the opportunity to see and experience our products directly, it will give us a chance to portray our personality in a more direct way (something we’ve loved doing at shows over the years) and it’ll also let us re-enforce our award-winning customer service with those using and interested in buying our gear, to offer advice, listen to feedback and chat about what you’re up to, where you’ve been on holiday, that sort of thing.

This is where the staff will play a huge part, which is why we want to bring in the best to reflect our ethos and values. We’re expecting this to be an exciting opportunity for those who love retail, love the outdoors and want to work with an exciting and ambitious brand in a new, vibrant store, offering service with personality that goes above and beyond the expected. We are currently on the hunt for that crack team of retail staff to work in our first Alpkit store. It’s early days, but things are looking set to move quickly.

There will be more info coming soon on the store so look out for some exciting announcements and keep an eye on Alpkit social channels and website for more news.

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