Planting Hundreds of Trees with Millom School Kids

Planting Hundreds of Trees with Millom School Kids

By David Hanney

Planting hundreds of trees with Millom School Kids brings a greener future to life. Each seedling sown creates a legacy of hope and climate resilience.

Learning in the great outdoors gives kids a great opportunity to thrive. The kids of Millom School were keen, Forestry England had donated hundreds of hazel saplings and John Hodgson, the project officer of Hardknott Forest was ready to supervise and inspire the children to get grubby with clearing, weeding and planting.

"We're slowly restoring the area to its native woodland" - John Hodgson

The Alpkit Foundation just needed to oil the wheels by funding the transport to get the kids from A to B. Restoring Hardknott Forest is an exciting project to restore one of the largest conifer plantations in the Lake District to native woodland – mainly oak, birch, bogs and open ground. It’s an historic opportunity to create the largest semi-natural woodland in the Lake District; linking Hardknott Forest with the existing Duddon Valley Woodlands that snake down the valley and all the way to the coast.

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