Defib for Derbyshire

Defib for Derbyshire

By Col Stocker>

We’re all familiar with the reassuring sight of St John Ambulance as they go about supporting a vast array of local and community events, a charity that puts us at ease whenever we need first aid.

What’s important is that their volunteers have the best equipment, as this really can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved in their communities.

Alison from Derbyshire St Johns Ambulance recently applied to the Alpkit Foundation and explains why it’s so important.

“having access to life saving equipment for our volunteers means they can continue to provide support to the local area, used at both large and small events across the District. Every year in the UK, thousands of people die needlessly when first aid could have given them the chance to live. It really will benefit so many members of the public and give our volunteers the confidence to step forward and save lives.”

The reason for applying was that they are looking to replace 25 obsolete defibrillators across Derbyshire, the Alpkit Foundation was delighted to help cover the cost of one to ensure they can carry on providing the first aid support so crucially needed.

“Our volunteers will continue to fundraise in the local community through store collections and other fundraising events to achieve our target of £20,000 however this donation is a great start to kick them off and we would like to thank the Alpkit Foundation for your support.”

Find out more about the great work of the St Johns Ambulance and say hi next time you see them out and about at an event!

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