A Greener and Healthier cargo

A Greener and Healthier cargo

By Alpkit Foundation

A Greener and Healthier Cargo is packed with purpose. This cycling initiative pedals toward cleaner air, promoting fitness while reducing carbon footprints.

Shifting hearts, minds and other stuff by cargo bike.

In response to the first national Covid-19 lockdown, The Cargo Bike Movement was established in April 2020. Collecting surplus food from supermarkets, working with existing charities to reach those that need help, then saddling up and using bikes to deliver. This band of volunteers are looking to replace car and van journeys and reduce emissions around Edinburgh, promote active and sustainable transport whilst highlighting the city as a prime location for short journeys by bike.

Naomi Arnold explains a little more.
“By bringing together cargo bikes and volunteers, we were able to respond to the concern of food insecurity experienced across Edinburgh.
We instantly saw the value of this service for those experiencing food insecurity, as well as the project offering a positive outlet for volunteers whose health and wellbeing was bolstered through helping out in this time.
Cargo Bike Movement seeks to build fairer, greener, healthier communities directly responding to:

• the necessity for better air quality,
• the climate and ecological crises,
• social inequalities,
• the need for good examples of sustainable transport options.”

The project currently supports a variety of charities primarily working through The SHRUB Waste Hub and Refugee Community to distribute food to organisations and centralised hubs supporting those experiencing food insecurity. The Alpkit Foundation is pleased to be able to support this great project with help towards provisions for the volunteers while out on deliveries.

“We currently have around 25 volunteers that complete 6 'shifts' a week using cargo bikes to pick up surplus food from supermarkets in Edinburgh.
For us, and our volunteers, it is essential that bikes are used to ensure that we are combating the targets listed above: not adding to the already poor air quality in our cities, reducing carbon footprints from all parts of this supply chain, and promoting fairer, greener, healthier communities at a time of health, climate and ecological crises.”

Through this funding and / or supply of equipment, we will be able to ensure that are volunteers are catered for, keeping them safe, seen and dry in this 'dreich' Scottish weather - all year round!

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