Lands Of Lost Borders
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"Maybe all meaningful journeys begin with a mistake. Some kind of transgression or false turn or flawed ides that sets a certain irresistible odyssey in motion. Growing up in small-town Ontario, where the tallest summit was a haystack and the widest horizon a field of corn, my blunder seemed obvious, though it wasn't exactly my fault: I was born centuries too late for the life I was meant to live..."

Realising as a child that previous generations of explorers had already mapped out the hidden corners of our planet, Kate Harris set her sights on the exploration of Mars. But a journey along the length of the Silk Road with childhood friend, Mel, redefined her definition of exploration forever.

Land of Lost Borders is an exploration of the boundaries we set around ourselves, the restrictions that borders place on people and planet, and humanity’s existential need to explore the world around us.

Winner of the 2019 Boardman Tasker Award


Key Features

  • Contains lots of little squiggly lines which your brain magically turns into words
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

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Oh, come on, who weighs their books?!

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​Will disintegrate in heavy rain.