Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

By Alpkit

The Alpkit Foundation is pleased to support Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust. The trust is part of the UK-wide partnership of 47 Wildlife Trusts. Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust manages almost 100 of the best sites for wildlife in Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire and North-East Lincolnshire. Their work helps to secure the future of many important habitats and species, which may otherwise be lost.

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust would like to offer young people the opportunity to explore the natural environment, have adventures and sleep out on a nature reserve. To allow the children access to a truly wild experience is the aim, to sleep outside underneath the stars and experience a woodland environment. The project is an on-going commitment by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust and their plan is to run a rolling programme for the future.

Adrian, from Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, explains the importance of the project. “Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust and I believe that every child should have a wild childhood, to let them grow, explore and learn about the natural environment. With this project we want to take it one step further and let children sleep out in a woodland environment, to fully experience what its like to have a ‘proper adventure.’ This builds their self confidence, social well being, respect for each other, team work, and provides a memorable experience. Spending time in the woods educates youngsters about the benefits of being outdoors and the benefits of being healthy through exercise.”

The Alpkit Foundation would like to donate Hunka Bivvy Bags to Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, to enhance the experience and offer a better level of comfort to all participants.

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