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Route choices, food re-stocks, camping spots: there’s enough to consider on a bike tour without hunting down plug sockets to scrounge some charge for your various devices.

The Plug III is a neat little gadget which enables you to charge devices direct from your dynamo hub. 6V AC power from your dynamo hub is converted into the 5V DC power necessary for charging via USB and fed into the handy USB type-C port on the top cap.

All the electronics are housed within the top cap itself; internal componentry is encased in polymer and an aluminium housing to protect them from impacts and moisture.

The Plug III also uses PAT II technology, a power amplifier which helps to produce a constant 5V output from speeds as low as 12km/h. The PAT II cable hides tidily within your bike’s head tube so that there is no external cabling.


Key Features

  • Converts 6V AC power from dynamo hubs into 5V DC power for USB charging
  • PAT II power amplifier allows constant charging at speeds as low as 12km/h
  • Electonics housed within top cap and cabling within your bike’s head tube
  • Electronics protected by the top cap and a silicon dust cap for the USB port
  • USB Type-A port on hub cap will charge most devices
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


100 g


Diameter: 3,6 cm Height: 2,5 cm


Aluminium housing


Input: Dynamo hub with 6V / 3W Output: USB 5V controlled Connector: USB type-A